There are 9 different motorised functions that can be activated through 3 switches and one huge gearbox, which sits right behind the boom. You can see one of the switches to the left of the gearbox that allows you to choose between activating mechanisms sitting inside the chassis (the outriggers and the tower rotation) and mechanisms located inside the tower (the boom and the winch functions). Again, stickers provide an ideal solution by displaying onboard instructions, ensuring playability is never lost.
This is another great set for getting younger kids into LEGO Technic sets. Like the WHACK! kit it has a pull back motor making it easy for kids to use and play with when they have completed the model. It is suggested for ages 7-14 years by LEGO, and again we suggest it is best for the younger end of this range. See more gifts for 7 year old boys. The assembly instructions are simple and easy to understand by even very young children.
The instructions are filled with much more than just the building steps. Just like some of the LEGO Ideas or bigger sets like the UCS Falcon or NINJAGO City, there’s pages of additional content, which is complimented by a special podcast series. We’ve been listening to this in between building and cannot recommend it enough. Even if you don’t plan on picking up this set, the accompanying podcast is an amazingly detailed insight into how LEGO sets are created especially those based on things. The podcast also delves into the creation of the actual Bugatti supercar. It was been set up in such a way as to coincide with each section of the build, which begins with the rear-mounted W16 cylinder engine and axel.
With these sets it is possible to build or convert manually-operated mechanical movement to motorized using electric motors which are controlled via switches or IR remote control. Future plans for this set include more parts which will add even more function/control possibilities.. Lego has already started to design and sell Lego Technic models (sets) which can be easily retrofitted with the Power Functions system. For example, models like the 8294 Excavator, 8295 Telescopic Handler or 7645 MT-61 Crystal Reaper are sold like classic Lego Technic models with manual motorization but are designed with free space for the Power Functions components with factory instructions on how to perform the conversion to an electrically operated model.
Just to give you a little background on my Lego experience, prior to purchasing this set, I had built the Batman Tumbler (discontinued) and the Star Wars X-Wing (discontinued). I found the Tumbler to be moderately difficult as it was my first Lego set and it took a little time for me to understand the Lego blueprints. The Star Wars X-Wing was very easy in comparison. When I received the Porsche 911, I decided that I was going to take my time and enjoy building the set instead of making a mad dash to finish it quickly. The experience was quite enjoyable and I recommend anyone who is considering this item to definitely get it! You will not be disappointed! I'd like to point out for all you considering this purchase to read up on the gear issues prior to assembling the Lego. If you don't, you'll find that the gears do not work, which is not a big issue if you're going to keep it as an display item. I currently own 4 Lego sets, my fourth one being the newest Millennium Falcon and the Porsche 911 is by far my most favorite!
The Mack Anthem is another authentic build. It has a six cylinder L-motor with a spinning radiator and working pistons. The trailer has extendable outriggers for stability. You control the rear wheel drive through front axle steering. The color scheme isn’t exactly true to life, but the blue is more realistic than some of Technic’s brighter color schemes.
This replica model of the iconic Mack Anthem Truck has incredible attention to detail and customers praise how realistic it is compared to other LEGO Technic models on the market. It comes with a replica engine, working trailer, steering wheels system and mobile cranes. The interiors are also designed to be realistic replicas of the original truck.
I love the way you can still see the part of the gear system from within the cars interior. Just like many supercars have their engines uncovered and on view, the Technic version does the same with its complicated gear system. They are visible without being thrust in your face. It’s amazing to see something you built so early on in the build, integrates so perfectly into the final model. Which as mentioned replies so much on those first few elements.
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Let me take the time and say to you Blakbird, that I truly love your site. First of all it give me a quick access to looking at different sets through the years, including descriptions of functions.  But the part with most value for me, is the description of the new parts for each year. As a part designer this is really interesting, learning the history of the Technic pieces, and I don't even know if I could quickly find something similar as an employee. That is why I also eagerly awaits the future beyond 1994. But serious stuff like this takes time, so don't rush it please.
Hi, just wanted to say thank you for your site....I was feeling a little nostalgic, browsing the internet checking Lego Technic sites and came upon yours.  The best Lego site I've ever encountered.  It brought back many many memories of sets I both owned and had wanted in the past.  Thanks for all your hard work, wonderful pictures, videos, and your great comments.  Keep it up!
In short, this is world-class LEGO design and construction on display. These vehicle models and other designs don’t just look like their real-world counterparts, they work like them too! Weight, balance, suspension, aesthetics—all of these qualities and more are taken into account by some immensely talented brick-wielding superfans. In addition to actual vehicles like sports cars, motorcycles, and construction equipment, Incredible LEGO Technic features fictional vehicles from Batman Begins, Avatar, Warhammer 40,000, and Star Wars, as well as oddities like a working braiding machine and a water strider that floats!
LEGO suggest this kit for 9-16 year olds, however many adult reviewers are also very pleased with the quality of the product. The tracked wheels mean the vehicle can be driven over a number of obstacles and it can travel up to 1.5 mph. Everything is included from the remote to the motor, however, it is necessary to buy both AAA and AA batteries for these to work.

Lego Games launched in 2009, was a series of Lego-themed board games designed by Cephas Howard and Reiner Knizia[77][78] in which the players usually build the playing board out of Lego bricks and then play with Lego-style players. Examples of the games include "Minotaurus", in which players roll dice to move characters within a brick-build labyrinth, "Creationary", in which players must build something which appears on a card, or "Ramses Pyramid", in which players collect gems and climb up a customisable pyramid. Like many board games, the games use dice. In Lego Games, the dice are Lego, with Lego squares with symbols on Lego studs on the dice, surrounded by rubber. The games vary from simple to complex, some are similar to "traditional" board games, while others are completely different.[79]
During the next step, a couple of decorative elements are placed on top of the base. Even though the model features the V-8 engine built with the (boring) regular pieces, I love how an oil filter is attached right next to it. In general, it’s a very small and insignificant element, but the only other set that included any attachments to the engine was a V-8 from 42050 Drag Racer that came with couple of improvised air filters.
Technic sets are often characterised by the presence of special pieces, such as gears, axles, and pins. Other special pieces include beams and plates with holes in them, through which the axles could be installed.[2] Some sets also come with pneumatic pieces or electric motors. In recent years, Technic pieces have begun filtering down into other Lego sets as well, including the BIONICLE sets (which were once sold as part of the Technic line), as well as a great many others.

This is of course compatible with all LEGO construction toy sets and is therefore a good additional gift for kids who already own and love their LEGO sets. There are no electrical components so no need for batteries - kids simply pull the car back and release to drive it. The tires are designed for racing, so this Lego Technic racing car is great for playing with other LEGO Technic vehicles.

This set is so awesome, so many parts and cool pieces. If you like technics you are going to love this set. I will admit it will most likely not stay together as the excavator. We will probably tear this apart to make other cool technic builds. One caution this has a lot of gears and I mean a lot. When assembling it is very important to make sure the gear box assemblies move freely. If you build with to much friction it will not function properly. Should also note that when picking up the rock pieces they tend to bounce around and fall off the conveyor belts at the transfer points. They fall down into the gearing and stop it from functioning. This usually is not a problem for older kids, but my 5 year old seems to have a problem with bricks falling all over into the lower gearing. It crawls, it swivels left and right, and the Excavator raises and lowers. Took us 5 days to build (2-4 hr each day). It has a cool dump truck that is a fun build as well.