At $299 MSRP, I think this set is really a great deal. Lego made a number of new pieces for this set, including new and exclusive wheels. There are also some printed pieces in the set (and some stickers too). The packing for this set is very unique and impressive. Lego really pulled out all the stops for this set. Get it, take your time to build it and enjoy the build, and then marvel at this amazing set.
The primary advantage of studless construction is the addition of new construction methods that were previously unavailable. Liftarms are exactly 1 unit width high, in contrast to studded beams, which are a non-integer multiple of one unit. It can be awkward to use studded beams in vertical structures because it is necessary to insert plates between the studded beams in order to get the holes to line up. Studless beams allow greater flexibility when building in multiple dimensions, while remaining compatible with "classic" studded beams. Some builders also believe that models constructed with studless beams look nicer than their studded counterparts.[3]