There are plenty of manual functions including four-wheel drive, moving pistons inside a detailed V8, and adjustable mirrors. There’s plenty of detail in the cab and in the accessories (tools, chains, and a fire extinguisher). There are Lego Technic plates included for building and lifting. The red and black color scheme is striking, as is the multicolored pieces that go into building the engine and internal components.
The Mack Anthem is another authentic build. It has a six cylinder L-motor with a spinning radiator and working pistons. The trailer has extendable outriggers for stability. You control the rear wheel drive through front axle steering. The color scheme isn’t exactly true to life, but the blue is more realistic than some of Technic’s brighter color schemes.
Beams - Beams are long blocks with rows of round holes. All beams are one stud wide, but they can have varying lengths. They constitute the basic structure of the TECHNIC system. Before 2000, the TECHNIC system used TECHNIC bricks, essentially standard bricks with holes along the sides. Beams are part of "studless construction", which allows TECHNIC models to be more compact. They have rounded edges and no studs.
That detail has made the Lego Technic Set a popular gift idea for young children. In a world where computer screens have made everything virtual, Lego Technic sets stand out because they encourage the much older skill of tinkering and building things from scratch. Some children as young as 6 or 7 become fascinated with the process, which can often lead them to become teenagers and adults working in the STEM fields.

LEGO is a much loved toy by both adults and kids and has been a classic gift option for decades. The simple, clickable bricks have endless opportunities for imaginative play and creating impressive models. Building on this, LEGO has released their Technic series which uses a slightly different set of construction items to create incredibly detailed models of real-life trucks, boats, and machines.