Another brilliant piece of the set is the medium thick string, which first appeared in 42070 6×6 All Terrain Tow Truck in 2017. Judging by the official LEGO piece number, the string that comes with the crane is longer than the one for the tow truck, and seems to be at least 2 meters long. It feels very strong and a little bit stretchy, and seems to be perfect for such a large model.
I bought this set on its release day and I couldn’t be happier with it! Excellent write-up, and I couldn’t agree more about wishing that LEGO gave you some directions on how to test all of the gearing on such a complicated gear box before you start fully covering it up! When I got the motor installed and fired it up, nothing would move and I was not looking forward to taking apart so many pieces to find the mistake. Fortunately, I had simply forgotten to engage the upper/lower switch…once I flipped that, everything worked! Talk about a relief!

The bittersweet part - this model is so thorough and complete, that it includes paneling on the underside of the car, and panels that eventually conceal the transmission and almost all of the engine. Indeed, once you finish the model, you cannot marvel at the mechanics behind the paneling. So, take your time to build this set and really enjoy the mechanics inside it. That said, you can still get some glimpses of the shifting linkages for the transmission.

Celebrate innovative engineering and design from one of the world's leading car manufacturers with this stunning LEGO Technic car toy model. Developed in partnership with Dr. ING. H.C.F. Porsche AG, this elegantly packaged LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS with its sleek aerodynamic lines, adjustable rear spoiler and orange bodywork is packed with authentic features and functions that capture the magic of the iconic supercar, and the attention to detail is clear from the outset! Open the doors and you'll discover an elaborate cockpit with racing seats, working gearbox, steering wheel with gearshift paddles, detailed dashboard and a glove compartment containing a unique serial number. Lift the rear lid and you'll have access to a detailed flat 6 engine with moving pistons, while under the hood you'll find a storage area with suitcase. Red suspension springs, detailed brake calipers and original-design rims with special low-profile road-gripping tires add the final touches to this magnificent model!
LEGO Technic sets are the cream of the crop for LEGO fans all over the world. They are intricate, challenging and, most importantly, enjoyable. There is such a wide range of fantastic and time-consuming (in the best way) Technic sets, so if you want to get one for yourself, a friend or a family member, we’ve identified the 15 best LEGO Technic sets to make your decision easier.