Among its best features would be its motorized functions, including a working winch and the contra-rotating rotors. The motor also allows it to light up and open the cargo bay doors. However, while the motor can make the rotors spin, it does not get enough speed to actually take flight, which makes it a safe choice for parents of children who love flying toys.

If you’re buying for a young child, it makes sense to get the smaller kits not just because they are easier but because they are more cost appropriate. Some of the kits can cost hundreds of dollars and are a big investment. These kits are best reserved for adult fans and collectors who will appreciate the set a lot more and be more careful with the finished product.
This LEGO Technic set is a must have for any sports car fans out there looking for a great collectors’ item. This kit mimics the actual build process of a Bugatti Chiron from the engine to chassis. The parts move just like in a real car - the engine, speed settings, gearbox, wheels and steering all have the ability to move and function like a real car. It is not electronic, so cannot be driven and controlled like the RC models, but it will look great once fully built.
The perfect LEGO building kit for both car buffs and Technic collectors, the Mercedes-Benz Arocs provides a detailed and enthralling experience. One of the largest sets available, this 2-in-1 model comes complete with authentic detail, a massive power functions motor and advance pneumatic system that controls the crane arm and grabber, tipper and outriggers.
“On the basis of this feedback we designed the next model and simultaneously started with the development of the wheels rims which are an important part of the legendary design of the car. Afterwards we visited the Porsche Development Center in Weissach as well as the Porsche GT workshop area. During intensive working phases we worked out the elements and details of the car and perfected them.”

Merlin Entertainments operates seven Legoland amusement parks, the original in Billund, Denmark, the second in Windsor, England, the third in Günzburg, Germany, the fourth in Carlsbad, California, the fifth in Winter Haven, Florida, the sixth in Nusajaya, Malaysia[66] and the seventh in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.[67] and the eighth in Shanghai, Peoples of Republic of China.[68] On 13 July 2005, the control of 70% of the Legoland parks was sold for $460 million to the Blackstone Group of New York while the remaining 30% is still held by Lego Group.[69] There are also eight Legoland Discovery Centres, two in Germany, four in the United States, one in Japan and one in the United Kingdom. Two Legoland Discovery Centres opened in 2013: one at the Westchester Ridge Hill shopping complex in Yonkers, NY and one at the Vaughan Mills in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. Another has opened at the Meadowlands complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey in 2014.[70]

Here is the official description of the set: Harness the awesome power of the CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC! Experience the ultimate in farming technology with this 2-in-1 LEGO Technic reproduction of the high-powered CLAAS XERION tractor. This meticulously detailed replica comes with the trademarked green, gray and red color scheme and an array of authentic features and functions. Turn on the included Power Functions motor and you can raise the cab and turn it through 180°, operate the versatile crane or extend the outriggers. The vehicle’s front-wheel, 4-wheel and crab steering provide ultimate maneuverability with the huge tractor tires ensuring optimal grip for immense pulling power on all types of terrain. Rebuild the tractor’s crane to create a CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC with Silage Plow! CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC with crane arm lowered measures over 11” (30cm) high, 24” (61cm) long and 7” (18cm) wide, and over 14” (37cm) high with crane arm raised. 1977 pieces. Price: $179.99 – BUY HERE

As impressive and detailed the inner workings are the outside also has its fair share of detail. Much of it is created by Technic fin plates and sticker decals, such as the dashboard dials, brake discs and Bugatti badge found under that iconic horse shoe front grill. Stickers aren’t most LEGO builders favourite things and it’s a shame that some of the pieces haven’t been printed, certainly in the case of the branding badge at the very least. But this should not distract from the rest of the build. Crafting something in LEGO bricks or Technic pieces, which has such defined curves can never be easy. But then combining that with a small feat of LEGO engineering is nothing short of outstanding.

The primary advantage of studless construction is the addition of new construction methods that were previously unavailable. Liftarms are exactly 1 unit width high, in contrast to studded beams, which are a non-integer multiple of one unit. It can be awkward to use studded beams in vertical structures because it is necessary to insert plates between the studded beams in order to get the holes to line up. Studless beams allow greater flexibility when building in multiple dimensions, while remaining compatible with "classic" studded beams. Some builders also believe that models constructed with studless beams look nicer than their studded counterparts. [3]
During the next step, a couple of decorative elements are placed on top of the base. Even though the model features the V-8 engine built with the (boring) regular pieces, I love how an oil filter is attached right next to it. In general, it’s a very small and insignificant element, but the only other set that included any attachments to the engine was a V-8 from 42050 Drag Racer that came with couple of improvised air filters.
One of the sets best and most fun features is found on the impressive looking rear. A retractable wing sits flush with the slope of the cars body, but can be placed into the ‘speed’ position by using a 1:1 speed key. This can be slotted into an area within the arch of the rear left-side wheel. Twisting the key raises the wing and then turning it a little more, sets it into its final position. It’s an great little feature, which could easily have just been left as a manual movement. But tying it into the use of the speed key is genius. We said we wouldn’t dwell on part use but I didn’t expect to find a couple of stud-shooter guns in the set, they are used to hold the red tubing which represents the rear light strip.

Gears have been included within Lego Technic sets since 1977 as a way of transferring rotary power, and of gearing-up or down the speed. Gears come in several sizes: 8 tooth, 16 tooth, 24 tooth and 40 tooth spur gears; 12 tooth, 20 tooth and 36 tooth double bevel gears; and 12 tooth and 20 tooth single bevel gears. The double bevel gears are cut so they can also be meshed as spur gears. There is also a 16 tooth clutch gear, and a 24 tooth friction gear that slips when a certain amount of torque is put on it to prevent motors from damaging any parts or burning themselves out.
The first few sections of the build will result in two separate sections which are combine in what is dubbed the marriage process. This is a process used to create the real Chiron, in which sections of the car are joined together to the whole body of the car, interestingly the real world car is held together with just 14 screws! The front section of the Technic version is a little less gear heavy compared to the rear section, but you still need to be mindful of where the various gears and rods are positioned. If not you’ll find problems further along in the build, so as mentioned above always double check you have things in the right place and in the right position. I have to admit these sections were a little frustrating, and that engine was built more than once. At one point I almost gave up, but I persevered and the further I got the more, I not only enjoyed the build but was blown away by how much work must have gone into designing it. The LEGO system can be complicated at times but nothing compares to the Technic system. So much of the entire build can reply on a single element placed in the first few steps. This is what makes Technic sets so fulfilling to build.
LEGO is a much loved toy by both adults and kids and has been a classic gift option for decades. The simple, clickable bricks have endless opportunities for imaginative play and creating impressive models. Building on this, LEGO has released their Technic series which uses a slightly different set of construction items to create incredibly detailed models of real-life trucks, boats, and machines.