This is a great product (definitely 5*) good value (at RRP) and can be used to add power functions EASILY to any LEGO set that says you CAN add power functions, those sets usually have instructions on "how to" in the book you got with the set - if they don't then go to LEGO website and search by set number for instructions, which you can download too!

The concept of the rough terrain crane is quite simple. This vehicle is a rather compact 4- or 6-wheel mobile crane with a telescopic boom suitable for work in stiff terrain, where jobsite flexibility is valued. Mobile cranes are usually equipped with 2 pairs of outriggers and either a 4-4-4 or 6-6-4 driving/steering scheme, meaning that all wheels are driven and both the front and the rear axles provide steering. For instance, the crane in this set has a 4-4-4 chassis with 2 differentials. This LEGO set does not officially depict a specific real-world crane. However, considering the size of the model and its proportions, the most probable prototype is the Liebehrr LRT 1090-2.1, whose chassis measures nearly 8.2 meters/27 feet long. The Technic model is about 48 cm/19 in long (chassis only), so the approximate scale of the model is about 1:18, which is rather common among huge flagship sets.

Lego also initiated a robotics line of toys called 'Mindstorms' in 1999, and has continued to expand and update this range ever since. The roots of the product originate from a programmable brick developed at the MIT Media Lab, and the name is taken from a paper by Seymour Papert, a computer scientist and educator who developed the educational theory of constructionism, and whose research was at times funded by the Lego Group.[51]

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Technic sets are often characterised by the presence of special pieces, such as gears, axles, and pins. Other special pieces include beams and plates with holes in them, through which the axles could be installed.[2] Some sets also come with pneumatic pieces or electric motors. In recent years, Technic pieces have begun filtering down into other Lego sets as well, including the BIONICLE sets (which were once sold as part of the Technic line), as well as a great many others.
The secondary build is a catamaran. Both builds use realistic detail modeled after racing ships with racing color schemes. It doesn’t have active steering set up, but with some ingenuity, you could help your child add that feature. Even though the ships aren’t built for actual water, they’re both simple enough that older elementary children can make them.
Explore engineering excellence with the LEGO® Technic™ 42083 Bugatti Chiron advanced building set. This exclusive model has been developed in partnership with Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S to capture the essence of the quintessential super sports car, and comes with gleaming aerodynamic bodywork, logoed spoked rims with low-profile tires, and detailed brake discs. The accessible cockpit features a Technic 8-speed gearbox with movable paddle gearshift and a steering wheel bearing the Bugatti emblem. Insert the top speed key and you can switch the active rear wing from handling to top speed position. The rear lid affords a glimpse of the detailed W16 engine with moving pistons, while beneath the hood you’ll discover a unique serial number and a compact storage compartment containing a stylish Bugatti overnight bag. This 1:8 scale model comes with a classic Bugatti duo-tone blue color scheme that reflects the brand’s signature color, and a set of stickers for additional detailing. The set is delivered in luxurious box packaging and includes a color collector’s booklet with comprehensive building instructions.
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The experience of buying a Bugatti goes beyond merely just paying for a it, then getting the keys. Those who chose to become Bugatti owners are involved in all aspects of the cars construction. This includes additional extras such as a travel bag, made from the same material as the cars interior. Which is even included in the Technic set. This can be found nestled under the bonnet of the car. There’s also a speed key which we’ll go into a little more detail later on. The interior of the car includes two seats split with that famous centre line. The cockpit of the car also connects greatly to the inter working of the rest of the build, with gear stick, 8-speed gearbox with movable paddle gearshift and a steering wheel, which is connected to the wheels.

Cylinders look like pumps, but they are the outputs of the energy, rather than the inputs. There are five versions of cylinders. The Generation 1 cylinders came in two lengths, only had one input and worked on pressure or vacuum. The Generation 2 cylinders have 2 inputs (and come in studded, studless, and small versions), and work on pressure in both directions. They allow pushing and pulling, depending on which input air is pumped into.

All LEGO kits are somewhat customizable with other sets available on the market, but you may want to get something with more options if buying for a child. The 2-in-1 sets for kids are great as they allow kids to try building two different models, and usually the parts can also be repurposed into more imaginative projects more easily. You can also get kits which can be customized with electronic parts.
It would be totally unfair not to mention the brilliant design of the cab’s door. This is a sliding door made with an amazingly simple combination of short liftarms and pin connectors. When opened it slides to the back of the cab revealing the cab’s interior. A door like this is an absolutely unnecessary thing for a heavy motorised monster like this crane, but this is what makes it particularly special for the fans.
The first few sections of the build will result in two separate sections which are combine in what is dubbed the marriage process. This is a process used to create the real Chiron, in which sections of the car are joined together to the whole body of the car, interestingly the real world car is held together with just 14 screws! The front section of the Technic version is a little less gear heavy compared to the rear section, but you still need to be mindful of where the various gears and rods are positioned. If not you’ll find problems further along in the build, so as mentioned above always double check you have things in the right place and in the right position. I have to admit these sections were a little frustrating, and that engine was built more than once. At one point I almost gave up, but I persevered and the further I got the more, I not only enjoyed the build but was blown away by how much work must have gone into designing it. The LEGO system can be complicated at times but nothing compares to the Technic system. So much of the entire build can reply on a single element placed in the first few steps. This is what makes Technic sets so fulfilling to build.

"This life-size model is a first of its kind in so many ways and with it, we wanted to push the boundaries of our own imagination," said Lena Dixen, senior VP of product and marketing at LEGO. "Our Technic designers and the engineers from the Kladno factory in the Czech Republic, the place which also builds the impressive models for LEGO Stores and LEGOLAND parks, have done an amazing job both at recreating the Chiron’s iconic shapes and making it possible to drive this model."
WARNING!!!...the following post sounds like I am gushing (which frankly I am), ....Oh wow don't even realize it but it is all YOUR fault. About a year ago when I discovered bricklink and started collecting I stumbled across Technicopedia.  Hours and hours later I realized that I had quite a bit more collecting to do to "catch-up"..... If it were not for your influence I would have never known so many unique technic creations had been produced.... Anyway, I blamed you then and I will blame you again did this....and I couldn't be more thrilled. 

This is another 2-in-1 kit and it can build two different Mercedes-Benz construction toy vehicles. A large motor is included to allow some of the moving functions to work. There is also a new pneumatic part included to give a more realistic movement to the construction toy arms. It has 2793 pieces and LEGO recommend it for the 11-15 year old range however we believe it is best for the younger end of this age range.

One of the most anticipated tests of the crane is its lifting capacity. LEGO Technic cranes have never been among the best top-lifters; the second biggest LEGO Technic crane, 42009 Mobile Crane Mk II could only lift about 500 grams/1.1 lbs of cargo. Surprisingly enough, the new mobile crane is capable of lifting twice as much. We managed to make it lift up to 1.1 kg/2.4 lbs of Pepsi cans before the winch mechanism started to give up. Loading the crane with heavier cargo can result in severe damages to the turntable mechanism, so we won’t recommend pushing it to the limits.
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Lego Technic Sets are fundamentally different from classic Lego building sets, but they are based on the same idea; that it is a lot of fun to put things together. The main difference is that the Lego Technic sets really delve deeply into what makes the things around us work, whether it’s a helicopter in flight or a Porsche driving down the street.
YUMMY!!!! I love the Technicopedia Web Site! You did a lot of work, for sure.  Please accept my sincere thanks for the work you did on the 8880 page. You rock!  Its been so long since I built that set, I hardly remember some of the construction goodies.  Seeing all these models up close and being able to look at and study the mechanics with out all the clutter (seeing the mechanisms directly) is very insightful. Sometimes, some of the functionality of these sets is not so apparent on the box's model photography.  It's almost like the LEGO web site itself should contain a similar archive, or perhaps promote the functionality of the TECHNIC line of sets in a similar fashion.
Likewise, adults who may have spent their working careers on a research vessel can spend weekends assembling models that closely resemble the ship where they work and gain a new appreciation for how it all comes together. By finding a Technic set that aligns with pre-existing goals, hobbies, and interests, the process of building them will become even more engaging.
Technic sets are often characterised by the presence of special pieces, such as gears, axles, and pins. Other special pieces include beams and plates with holes in them, through which the axles could be installed.[2] Some sets also come with pneumatic pieces or electric motors. In recent years, Technic pieces have begun filtering down into other Lego sets as well, including the BIONICLE sets (which were once sold as part of the Technic line), as well as a great many others.