I bought this set on its release day and I couldn’t be happier with it! Excellent write-up, and I couldn’t agree more about wishing that LEGO gave you some directions on how to test all of the gearing on such a complicated gear box before you start fully covering it up! When I got the motor installed and fired it up, nothing would move and I was not looking forward to taking apart so many pieces to find the mistake. Fortunately, I had simply forgotten to engage the upper/lower switch…once I flipped that, everything worked! Talk about a relief!
In short, this is world-class LEGO design and construction on display. These vehicle models and other designs don’t just look like their real-world counterparts, they work like them too! Weight, balance, suspension, aesthetics—all of these qualities and more are taken into account by some immensely talented brick-wielding superfans. In addition to actual vehicles like sports cars, motorcycles, and construction equipment, Incredible LEGO Technic features fictional vehicles from Batman Begins, Avatar, Warhammer 40,000, and Star Wars, as well as oddities like a working braiding machine and a water strider that floats!
This is a great product (definitely 5*) good value (at RRP) and can be used to add power functions EASILY to any LEGO set that says you CAN add power functions, those sets usually have instructions on "how to" in the book you got with the set - if they don't then go to LEGO website and search by set number for instructions, which you can download too!
There are several robotics competitions which use the Lego robotics sets. The earliest is Botball, a national U.S. middle- and high-school competition stemming from the MIT 6.270 Lego robotics tournament. Other Lego robotics competitions include Junior FIRST LEGO League (Jr.FLL) for students ages 6–9 and FIRST Lego League (FLL) for students ages 9–16 (age 9–14 in the United States, Canada, and Mexico). Jr.FLL and FLL offer real-world engineering challenges to participants. FLL uses Lego-based robots to complete tasks. Jr.FLL participants build models out of Lego elements. In its 2010 season, there were 16,070 FLL teams in over 55 countries. In its 2010 season, there were 2,147 Jr.FLL teams with 12,882 total student participants in the United States and Canada. The international RoboCup Junior football competition involves extensive use of Lego Mindstorms equipment which is often pushed to its extreme limits.[53]
Power functions are the cutting edge of the Technics, fueled by our love of RC vehicles. They use motors, two infrared receivers, a remote control and a battery box to make a Lego Technic set to come to life. Some, like the RC racer, are already set up for the technology and others can be converted using special steps. Lego is currently making more models which can be retrofitted with the Power Functions package.
I just wanted to tell you that I love your LEGO Technic site.  I unearthed my old Technic models a while ago.......At that time I thought to myself: "There has to be some kind of LEGO Technic fansite on the net", I needed more information about the things I missed during those 10 years. I started searching, and imagined what the perfect source would look like, and well then I found it in the form of your Technicopedia. Its not only the highly detailed descriptions, but I love it when somebody combines great insight with a casual, personal style of presentation.
Likewise, adults who may have spent their working careers on a research vessel can spend weekends assembling models that closely resemble the ship where they work and gain a new appreciation for how it all comes together. By finding a Technic set that aligns with pre-existing goals, hobbies, and interests, the process of building them will become even more engaging.
This LEGO Technic set is a must have for any sports car fans out there looking for a great collectors’ item. This kit mimics the actual build process of a Bugatti Chiron from the engine to chassis. The parts move just like in a real car - the engine, speed settings, gearbox, wheels and steering all have the ability to move and function like a real car. It is not electronic, so cannot be driven and controlled like the RC models, but it will look great once fully built.

First - the box. The cardboard is thick, the box has a top and bottom (two parts), and a large vibrant picture of the model. When you open the box, you do not find a sea of plastic bags as with other Lego sets. Instead, you find four numbered boxes, four special edition wheels nestled in their own cutouts in a cardboard insert, and a large manual bearing only the Porsche logo on the cover. The manual itself is nice enough to be a coffee table book.