I love the way you can still see the part of the gear system from within the cars interior. Just like many supercars have their engines uncovered and on view, the Technic version does the same with its complicated gear system. They are visible without being thrust in your face. It’s amazing to see something you built so early on in the build, integrates so perfectly into the final model. Which as mentioned replies so much on those first few elements.
The definitive shape of the Lego bricks, with the inner tubes, was patented by the Lego Group in 1958.[15][56] Several competitors have attempted to take advantage of Lego's popularity by producing blocks of similar dimensions, and advertising them as being compatible with Lego bricks. In 2002, Lego sued the CoCo Toy Company in Beijing for copyright infringement over its "Coko bricks" product. CoCo was ordered to cease manufacture of the products, publish a formal apology and pay damages.[57] Lego sued the English company Best-Lock Construction Toys in German courts in 2004[58] and 2009;[59] the Federal Patent Court of Germany denied Lego trademark protection for the shape of its bricks for the latter case.[60] In 2005, the Lego Company sued Canadian company Mega Bloks for trademark violation, but the Supreme Court of Canada upheld Mega Bloks' rights to sell their product.[61] In 2010, the European Court of Justice ruled that the eight-peg design of the original Lego brick "merely performs a technical function [and] cannot be registered as a trademark."[62]
Though this piece of art was just released, you may end up having trouble finding it for sale anywhere other than 3rd-party retailers. As we publish this review, the LEGO Store online suggests that the car is “Temporarily out of stock” – which could mean that it’s just not quite up to speed for sales yet, or that it really, truly isn’t available because the lot has sold out.
The intelligent brick can be programmed using official software available for Windows and Mac computers, and is downloaded onto the brick via Bluetooth or a USB cable. There are also several unofficial programs and compatible programming languages that have been made to work with the brick, and many books have been written to support this community.[52]
Well, there is the #45517 Transformer 10V DC that LEGO sells to go with the #8878 Rechargeable Battery, but then you would have to use 8878 instead of a normal battery box, and it is a different size that wouldn’t easily fit in the BWE. However, the problem remains, as I doubt you can both charge and use 8878 at the same time. So, no, I don’t think it’s possible to connect the set to an electrical socket and constantly power it that way. And re-engineering sounds risky… the motor might get destroyed. 😕

This challenging set offers motorized (but not RC) features, and provides excellent realism through its tilting cab, extensive cabling and opening claw, making you feel like you are on the construction site yourself without any of the heavy lifting. If you are a passionate child in heart and enjoy games, don’t forget to check our top Air hockey tables for more great items like this.

LEGO Technic sets pride themselves on offering builds that’s not only challenge those constructing them but also by providing a truly technical feat. This start of the build is certainly the most involved as you engineer the guts of the Bugatti. Here you’ll find a mind-bogging mix of gears, pistons and pins. One of the most important pieces of advice we can give when building this set or any in-depth Technic set for that matter is to always test any sections which feature gears. If you’ve put something on incorrectly or in the wrong hole, you’ll run into problems further along in the build. The engine included in the Bugatti, features two crankshafts, which power a series of 16 pistons. These will run as the wheels turn and can easily be rendered inactive if a pole or peg is too tightly fitted or place ever so slightly wrong.
This replica model of the iconic Mack Anthem Truck has incredible attention to detail and customers praise how realistic it is compared to other LEGO Technic models on the market. It comes with a replica engine, working trailer, steering wheels system and mobile cranes. The interiors are also designed to be realistic replicas of the original truck.
One of the most anticipated tests of the crane is its lifting capacity. LEGO Technic cranes have never been among the best top-lifters; the second biggest LEGO Technic crane, 42009 Mobile Crane Mk II could only lift about 500 grams/1.1 lbs of cargo. Surprisingly enough, the new mobile crane is capable of lifting twice as much. We managed to make it lift up to 1.1 kg/2.4 lbs of Pepsi cans before the winch mechanism started to give up. Loading the crane with heavier cargo can result in severe damages to the turntable mechanism, so we won’t recommend pushing it to the limits.
There are 9 different motorised functions that can be activated through 3 switches and one huge gearbox, which sits right behind the boom. You can see one of the switches to the left of the gearbox that allows you to choose between activating mechanisms sitting inside the chassis (the outriggers and the tower rotation) and mechanisms located inside the tower (the boom and the winch functions). Again, stickers provide an ideal solution by displaying onboard instructions, ensuring playability is never lost.