During the next step, a couple of decorative elements are placed on top of the base. Even though the model features the V-8 engine built with the (boring) regular pieces, I love how an oil filter is attached right next to it. In general, it’s a very small and insignificant element, but the only other set that included any attachments to the engine was a V-8 from 42050 Drag Racer that came with couple of improvised air filters.

The primary advantage of studless construction is the addition of new construction methods that were previously unavailable. Liftarms are exactly 1 unit width high, in contrast to studded beams, which are a non-integer multiple of one unit. It can be awkward to use studded beams in vertical structures because it is necessary to insert plates between the studded beams in order to get the holes to line up. Studless beams allow greater flexibility when building in multiple dimensions, while remaining compatible with "classic" studded beams. Some builders also believe that models constructed with studless beams look nicer than their studded counterparts. [3]
My Lego Network is a social networking site that involves items, blueprints, ranks, badges which are earned for completing certain tasks, trading and trophies called masterpieces which allow users to progress to go to the next rank. The website has a built in inbox which allows users to send pre written messages to one another. The Lego Network includes automated non-player characters within called "Networkers", who are able to do things which normal users cannot do, sending custom messages, and selling masterpieces and blueprints. The site also has modules which are set up on the user's page that give the user items, or that display picture compositions. Before My Lego Network, there were Lego Club Pages, which essentially held the same purpose, although the design lacked complex interaction.[65]
I don't usually do this, but thought your site deserves a great deal of praise, so here it goes.  After roughly ten years of dark ages, I've been hunting for LEGO Technic sets online for some three years now, but only recently was told about your wonderful site. I just hope someday my Technic collection will be somewhat comparable to yours!....Thank you very much for all the time and effort you're putting into Technicopedia, and it's my hope that small messages such as this one give you enough motivation to carry on.
That detail has made the Lego Technic Set a popular gift idea for young children. In a world where computer screens have made everything virtual, Lego Technic sets stand out because they encourage the much older skill of tinkering and building things from scratch. Some children as young as 6 or 7 become fascinated with the process, which can often lead them to become teenagers and adults working in the STEM fields.

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This is of course compatible with all LEGO construction toy sets and is therefore a good additional gift for kids who already own and love their LEGO sets. There are no electrical components so no need for batteries - kids simply pull the car back and release to drive it. The tires are designed for racing, so this Lego Technic racing car is great for playing with other LEGO Technic vehicles.

There are three versions of the pump. The old Generation one pump, the new Generation two pump (both of these are spring-loaded) and the small pump without a spring (designed for use with motors). The Generation one pump is red, while the Generation two pump is yellow and has a larger contact pad at the top of the pump. Generation three pumps are now available in translucent blue.
Although I’ve not built many Technic sets, I had a few when I was a kid and in recent years tackled the VOLVO L350F Wheel Loader. Things have changed greatly between the sets I built in the 80s to Bugatti. The new Technic system which was introduced in the early 2000s has lead to a collection of models which continue to innovate and challenge. Would I of have purchased this set, if I didn’t have the opportunity to review it? Probably not but I would be missing out on a genuinely unique LEGO experience. An experience which begins from the moment you lift the lid and feast your eyes upon its perfectly arranged boxes.
➡ #42053 LEGO TECHNIC VOLVO EW160E: After the very successful #42030 LEGO Technic Volvo L350F Wheel Loader, it makes sense for LEGO to continue recreating some of the most iconic heavy equipment made by Volvo. The black and yellow color-scheme is very pleasing, and the vehicles look awesome. The #42053 LEGO Technic Volvo EW160E is not motorized, although Power Functions can be added. There are a lot of interesting hand-operated moving features however, that doesn’t really need Power Functions anyway. This includes the expandable boom, working bucket, height-adjustable cab, rotating superstructure, rear-controlled front steering, working front blade, and expendable outriggers. (You can see all the working functions in the video-review by Sariel.) The set is a nice addition to the LEGO Technic Volvo collection.
One of the sets best and most fun features is found on the impressive looking rear. A retractable wing sits flush with the slope of the cars body, but can be placed into the ‘speed’ position by using a 1:1 speed key. This can be slotted into an area within the arch of the rear left-side wheel. Twisting the key raises the wing and then turning it a little more, sets it into its final position. It’s an great little feature, which could easily have just been left as a manual movement. But tying it into the use of the speed key is genius. We said we wouldn’t dwell on part use but I didn’t expect to find a couple of stud-shooter guns in the set, they are used to hold the red tubing which represents the rear light strip.

LEGO is a much loved toy by both adults and kids and has been a classic gift option for decades. The simple, clickable bricks have endless opportunities for imaginative play and creating impressive models. Building on this, LEGO has released their Technic series which uses a slightly different set of construction items to create incredibly detailed models of real-life trucks, boats, and machines.