What can be better that an awesome LEGO set? Probably, a bigger, more awesome LEGO set! We’ve seen a lot of outstanding LEGO Technic sets during the last 3-4 years, each of them being bigger and more complicated than any model before. The new 42082 Rough Terrain Crane beats all of them in terms of both size and piece count. And judging by its functions and a very solid choice of pieces it offers, the set easily lands at the top of the list of the most attractive LEGO Technic sets of recent years.
This is of course compatible with all LEGO construction toy sets and is therefore a good additional gift for kids who already own and love their LEGO sets. There are no electrical components so no need for batteries - kids simply pull the car back and release to drive it. The tires are designed for racing, so this Lego Technic racing car is great for playing with other LEGO Technic vehicles.
First - the box. The cardboard is thick, the box has a top and bottom (two parts), and a large vibrant picture of the model. When you open the box, you do not find a sea of plastic bags as with other Lego sets. Instead, you find four numbered boxes, four special edition wheels nestled in their own cutouts in a cardboard insert, and a large manual bearing only the Porsche logo on the cover. The manual itself is nice enough to be a coffee table book.
The experience of buying a Bugatti goes beyond merely just paying for a it, then getting the keys. Those who chose to become Bugatti owners are involved in all aspects of the cars construction. This includes additional extras such as a travel bag, made from the same material as the cars interior. Which is even included in the Technic set. This can be found nestled under the bonnet of the car. There’s also a speed key which we’ll go into a little more detail later on. The interior of the car includes two seats split with that famous centre line. The cockpit of the car also connects greatly to the inter working of the rest of the build, with gear stick, 8-speed gearbox with movable paddle gearshift and a steering wheel, which is connected to the wheels.
There are 9 different motorised functions that can be activated through 3 switches and one huge gearbox, which sits right behind the boom. You can see one of the switches to the left of the gearbox that allows you to choose between activating mechanisms sitting inside the chassis (the outriggers and the tower rotation) and mechanisms located inside the tower (the boom and the winch functions). Again, stickers provide an ideal solution by displaying onboard instructions, ensuring playability is never lost.